Music Satisfaction

  • Released: 14.02.2015
  • Format: Digital & CD
  • Label: Quadrasonic
  • Produced by: Punkpappa

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REVIEW – Popculturez

Wonderlush are an act you need to hear. Musicians don’t tend to like being compared to others, but to truly understand the quality of Wonderlush’s sound, it is hard not to do exactly that.

If you are a fan of acts like Roger Troutman, Zapp, Parliament, Funkadelic or Cameo, then you will certainly find much to love about the electro p-funk sounds from this British outfit.

From the opening track, ‘Jam,’ it is clear that the vintage funk flavors are strong, as Wonderlush bring a sound that couples deep funk with an 80’s electro sensibility.

While the electronic funk keeps flowing, the vocals from Ms Evers impress as she delivers a style that somehow couples Macy Gray with Cyndi Lauper (you’ll know when you hear it!). Indeed, it seems like Wonderlush have managed to pick inspiration from a number of top notch acts to make a distinct sound that is at once brand new and entirely theirs, yet fantastically familiar.

As the album continues, Wonderlush show they are not afraid to explore different lanes, moving into a deeper funk feel with ‘Jiggy,’ before delivering a hip-hop edge courtesy of guest Dre Rock on the party-ready ‘Strawberry Hill.’

Elsewhere, ‘Beautiful Day’ brings a UK rap flavor as Kafzon steps up to the mic for a feel-good summertime jam, while the album even takes things to an up-tempo new-wave-meets-electro crescendo for ‘Black Pearl.’

Clocking in at just 42 minutes, ‘Music Satisfaction’ brings a range of funk-fuelled electro heat to keep matters moving before signing out with a UK Garage remix of the single ‘Swag’ (courtesy of a remix by scene stalwarts The Wideboys).

Amazingly accomplished for a debut album, Wonderlush’s ‘Music Satisfaction’ delivers with a broad appeal that should see it checked by fans of funk, electronica, soul, disco, electro, hip-hop, and more.

Putting it simply, you may not have heard of Wonderlush before, but you definitely need to check them out.

Don’t sleep on this one.